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Components of a blog

December 10, 2008

A blog is a website that is updated quite freqently and its content is written chronologically, usually with the latest information towards the top. As a blog is a standalone entity it should include information that lets you know what it’s about and who it’s written by. All too often this information is missing and without some back story it can drive people away because there’s no apparent authority behind it.

The About page

The one thing that I think should be included on all blogs is an About page. It doesn’t have to be a huge amount of text, just something that says what your blog is about.

As blogs are usually a lot more personal than a corporate website (even if they are corporate blogs) it is appropriate to include information about the author/s behind the writing of the blog.

Questions a reader might ask are:

  • Why is the blog being written in the first place?
  • What do the author/s know about the subject matter?

Contact page

I think it’s courteous to have a facility on your blog so people can easily contact you. Perhaps your readers want to contact you away from the public face of each post’s comments. I know I’ve tried to contact people to let them know of a broken link, for instance, and if I can’t find the contact information I just don’t bother.

This is easy to do in WordPress as a page. There’s even a form built in that you can use. See our Contact page. If you don’t have this option, your email information will suffice.

Corporate information

If you are writing a blog as part of your organisation’s business then some sort of corporate branding is probably needed. UniSA has a Branding and styleguide which has all the information and resources needed for UniSA branding.

It’s also pertinent to let your readers know that you are writing as a staff member, in my case a staff member of UniSA and we have that covered here, both in the blog title and in the About page. 

Subscription service 

The beauty of blogging software is that it has subscription services (RSS feeds) built in. Hopefully people want to subscribe to your blog so they’re notified of any updates and you should make it easy to do so. This WordPress blog has this covered in two ways.  One – is an email subscription service and the other is subscribing via RSS.

Email subscriptions will allow readers who’ve never heard of a RSS reader to be easily notified of any new posts available on your blog.

The above are the main components of a blog, but of course the content is what will keep people coming back.


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