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Five questions to answer before setting up a social media profile

May 24, 2010

We are now getting a steady number of requests to help UniSA staff setup social media profile, usually a Facebook page. Before we just jump in and provide them with information on how to do this we ask five questions:

  1. What is the purpose or the objective of the site?
  2. Who is the target audience and does the audience exist already or will you be starting from scratch?
  3. If you will be starting from scratch for an audience how to you plan to market the site?
  4. What type of content (copy, links, video, audio) will be added to the site and how often? 
  5. Have you got a maintenance plan, ie who will maintain the site by regularly adding content and responding to users?

This gives a good starting point for the requestors to think about what is required to maintain a social media profile because it’s easy to set one up, but requires a lot more effort to maintain.

We then offer for their content to be included on our central social media profiles, ie usually Facebook and Twitter. More often than not this is the option that people go for because they haven’t got the resources and the content to maintain their own Facebook page and get the fans.

Imagine that if all our divisions/schools/research centres setup their own Facebook profile, then the UniSA brand would be spread very thin across this platform. As it is our main Facebook page recently reached 5000 fans and is getting as many, if not more, posts from fans as it does from us. I’ll write more about what this means from a resourcing point of view another time.

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