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Facebook Community page

May 27, 2010

UniSA Facebook Community Page

Facebook keeps on changing how and what it does, and no this is not about privacy. It recently launched Facebook Community pages. The Web Strategist says it’s, ‘… a feature that aggregates content from wikipedia and Facebook wall posts.  Think of it as a cross between Wikipedia with user comments –sometimes unwittingly.  These changes cause confusion for users, diminishing control for brands, and strains on the already torrid relationship between Facebook and brands.’

The article goes on to suggest some things for brands to do about their Facebook Community page because there is one whether you you create it or someone else does. Apparently Facebook created 6.5 million of them upon its launch. Here’s UniSA’s.

There’s an option to let Facebook know what your brand’s official Facebook page is and to offer help (for content?) when they open that option up. Currently these pages are not editable.

We share our shortened name (UniSA) with the University of South Africa so we’ll potentially get comments about them on our community page and vice versa. If they’re not complimentary then people might think that it’s us they’re talking about, and it might be, or it might be the other UniSA.

For now, we’ll continue to monitor our community page and community pages in general.

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