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Hootsuite tout de suite

June 2, 2010

I’m always eager to explore new tools (ie shortcuts) that will help me in my job. I wouldn’t be able to count the number of things I’ve signed up for on the web that I don’t use any more. However, Hootsuite is not one of those. I use it every day in my job to keep track of Twitter and Facebook for UniSA. Prior to using Hootsuite I was checking both platforms separately but now I don’t have to, and this is just one of the many useful features that Hootsuite provides.

Of course you can send status updates now or queue them to send later. It also allows you to crunch up those long URLs so you can fit more text in. A bit more about that shortly.

The other great thing is being able to see all things related to your Twitter feed in one place. There are four columns (you can add more) I’m using for our Twitter account. They are:

  1. Home feed (what we and our followers are tweeting)
  2. Mentions (where our @universitysa is used in replies, retweets etc)
  3. Tweets with search term ‘UniSA’ (this brings back a lot of unrelated stuff from University of South Africa and a shoe brand but is useful nonetheless. I’d previously subscribed to this via an RSS feed)
  4. Sent tweets (lets me instantly see what tweets/retweets we’ve sent )

Click on the image to view a larger one.

If you viewed the larger image above you’ll see there’s a tab called ‘Facebook Pages’. This is where I can see what’s happening on  our Facebook page and can post to it too.

I don’t know that this feature is as useful for Facebook as it is for Twitter only because many of the updates I post to our Facebook page are links to our website where we pull in a thumbnail from the website. For plain text, it would be absolutely fine though.

The other trouble I had was commenting on someone’s post as it encountered a problem, so I still have to visit Facebook itself.

Remember above I mentioned that Hootsuite allows you to shorten URLs to add to Tweets? This is useful for reducing the amount of characters but also useful if you want to use Hootsuite’s stats. If you use the normal URL stats are not collected. Of course you can check your website’s analytics to see number of referrals from Twitter but this breaks it down more so you can view overall stats or stats from particular tweets.

I’m currently only using Hootsuite for Twitter and Facebook but there are other social networks you can add also, ie LinkedIn, Ping.Fm, WordPress, MySpace and Foursquare (the latter three are in Beta).

One more thing I’ll mention is that you can invite team members to update your social networks. I haven’t done this at the moment as I’m the main person updating these accounts, especially Twitter, but if that ever changes I think it would be a very useful thing to use.

I’m sure I have only scraped the bottom of the barrel when it comes to Hootsuite functionality but as I use it more there could be room for another post.


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  1. Great blog, Jen. I’m a long time Hootsuite user and have converted a few bods along the way, too.

    The other thing great about Hootsuite is that I use it to manage multiple accounts – tweets for business and other organisations I help represent. Your Hootsuite panel can easily add accounts, and that’s another strength. The trick then is to learn to manage your multiple personalities!

    I also like the inbuilt stats, as another source of metrics along with other metrics.


  2. Thanks Prakky, that was so obvious I neglected to mention it. I actually monitor my personal Twitter account too so I can keep up with social media in Adelaide of course. It can get confusing and you’ve got to be careful you don’t post a tweet to the wrong account!

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