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Social media at UniSA is a place for University of South Australia staff to find out about and write about what’s happening in the social/digital media and marketing space. As UniSA has over 2000 staff members it’s almost impossible to know what everyone else is doing in the social media arena. We hope to overcome that somewhat with this blog.

We want to disseminate information about what we’re up to but we want to hear what you’re doing and what you would like to do.

And who are we? The blog contributors are staff from UniSA’s Marketing and Development Unit and UniSA International.

We would therefore love to accept submissions from you for this blog, or if you feel like you want to be a regular contributor please let us know. Contact us by clicking on the Contact tab at the top of the page.

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If you want to get this blog’s updates sent to you then please subscribe either by email, over to your right or by RSS (link at top of page).

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